If you run b2een on Mac OSX, go to Start b2een for the first time on your Mac


Start b2een for the first time on your PC 

Start b2een from your Windows "Start" menu ("All programs / b2een") or double-clicking on the b2een icon shortcut on your Windows desktop:





The following pop-up window will appear:



You shall enter your b2een Master Password. Note that this password is used to encrypt data on the disk. It is not communicated to Amalto. It cannot be reset nor resent to you. If you were to lose or forget it, you would have to configure b2een again (subscription to communities, invitation to trading partners…).


If you or your company use a proxy to access the Internet, you may click on the "Use proxy" check-box and enter your proxy settings:




After you have keyed in your b2een Master Password and clicked on OK, b2een opens a window in your Internet browser and display the following login page:



After you have logged in, you access the b2een user interface and are asked to register.



Following this registration step, you will be able to subscribe to communities and invite trading partners.


Here is some advice to enter the required information in this screen:

  • The "Unique ID" and the "Display Name" can be the same. The Display Name can be changed later on, whereas the Unique ID is defined once for all and cannot be modified.
  •  Company name and address will be visible in the partner profile in the Community directory
  •  User name and contact information is "Private Data" (not visible to other users).  It is only used by the application and the administrator to communicate with you.
  •  The web interface password can be changed (or you can leave the default one, which is "admin"). It should contain at least 5 characters. Note: the b2een master password defined above and this password serve different purposes. You can choose to have the same or a different password for both.


Once you have clicked on "Register", you registration is processed and the following pop-up is displayed:



Check your mailbox. You shall receive a message from Amalto, with your b2een registration number (see example below).



Enter or copy/paste your Agreement Number and click on "OK" (see example below).



The registration server then processes your request and informs you when registration is completed:



Click on "OK". You automatically access the "Communities" tab of the b2een User Interface, which enables you to subscribe to communities.



To learn more about subscription to communities, go to "Manage communities".


Start b2een for the first time on your Mac 

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