Log out of the b2een User Interface

Click on the "Log out" menu entry if you want to log out of the b2een user interface. This "Log out" does not shutdown b2een: the application will continue to be able to send and receive messages, even if the User Interface is not active.

Following the logout, your browser will display the login page to b2een User Interface.


Log in on the b2een User Interface

If you wish to log again on the b2een web user interface, there are two possible options:

  • either directly via your web browser
    • if b2een is running on your PC, the b2een URL is "http://localhost:8089/secure"
    • if b2een is running on a server, replace "localhost" by the server's IP address.
  • or you can do as if you were launching b2een again. If it already runs, a new window will open on your browser and you will just have to enter your b2een UI password