b2een is the easiest solution to set up highly secure business documents exchanges in a matter of minutes.


With b2een, you can:

  • Establish relationships with business partners within open or private b2een Communities
    • setting up relationships is very easy: search partners within a given Community and invite those you want to exchange messages with
  • Send and receive electronically signed and encrypted messages, with a guaranteed delivery
    • b2een uses digital certificates to sign and encrypt all exchanges
    • exchanges are handled synchronously - you know that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient
  • Display the documents in b2een web 2.0 User Interface
    • on a per Community basis, b2een user interface is able to get customized to display documents in a specific format
    • for example, an xCBL Purchase Order or a PIDX Invoice can be displayed in a readable and printable format
  • Transform inbound or outbound documents from one standard to the other
    • distributed transformation is one of the key features of b2een: you can sent a file in a given format and b2een will transform it to another format supported by the Community you are part of
    • for exemple, you may drop a Excel formatted invoice that your b2een client will locally transform to a PIDX Invoice, and then send to your customer
    • alternatively, b2een can transform incoming documents to a specified format