Exchanging business documents as easy as exchanging emails

  • No expertise is required to install, register or use b2een
  • As easy as: "download, install, invite, exchange"
  • No need to modify any company security setting (no need to open dedicated port on the firewall)
  • User experience is as easy as using an email client like Outiook, iMail or Thunderbird

The highest security standards, based on digital certificates

  • Digital signature provides integrity content and non-repudiation
  • Encryption ensures that the message can only be read by the recipient
  • ­
  • Synchronous connection ensures a guaranteed delivery of the message
  • No spam guarantee: no message can be sent to you by an unknown party since a relationship must be established (invitation / acceptation) prior to any message exchange

The ability to match the requirements of various B2B Communities

  • b2een implements Community specific services and features
  • As a b2een member, you can be part of multiple Communities

An unmatched flexiblity

  • Your b2een client automatically and seamlessly uploads and updates Community plug-ins, in order to extend its capabilities and implement Community specific features
  • You can also add specific plug-ins to your b2een client in order to upgrade it with dedicated features (integration with your Accounting software or your ERP for example)

The cheapest solution for B2B exchanges

  • The b2een client software is free
  • There is no value added network fee, nor transaction fee
  • No third party software is needed