By default, attachment of incoming messages are stored only on the b2een database (and they are encrypted).


But properties can be set in order to change this behavior. If you want documents received in incoming b2een messages to be stored on your disk, do as follows:

  • Launch b2een
  • On the "b2een Authentication" dialog box, hit "Options..." and then "Advanced"
  • Click on "Expert..." in order to reach a page that allows you to change the b2een default configuration
  • Add a "filesystemconnector.inbound.files" property and set it to "yes" (click the "+" button, enter the value and validate with "OK")
  • If you want b2een to create a subfolder per message (each subfolder containing the attachment(s) of the incoming message), that is all but if you want attachment(s) to directly stored under the "Inbox" folder, then add the "filesystemconnector.create.messagedirectory" property and set it to "no"
  • Once all configuration changes done, hit the "Apply & Restart" button


Next time you will receive messages from one of your trading partners, b2een will create an "Inbox" folder under this Partner's folder

  • If using Windows -> "My Documents \ My Amaltob2een Dataset \ partners \ [Community name] \ [Partner unique ID] \ Inbox"
  • If using Mac OSX -> "[My user] \ b2een \ partners \ [Community name] \ [Partner unique ID] \ Inbox"