Since version 3.2, you can upload multiple files at the same time from the web user interface, provided your browser is compatible.



The feature requires HTML5 and is therefore supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10 and IE11


How to know if activated/enabled

  • On the "Home" page (on b2een Desktop), within the "Configuration" panel, there is a new "File Drop" status info, which can be "Enabled" or "Disabled"
  • If you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and recent IE versions, you will see it "Enabled"
  • Older IE users (IE8 and IE9) will see it "Disabled" and will not benefit from the feature


How to use it (if "Enabled")

  • The "File Drop" functionality is available either via the "File Drop" toolbar button on the "Messages" tab or via the right-click menu over the Partner.
  • Users can drop files on the new "File Drop" panel or upload them via click and multi-selection of files. They will be automatically uploaded to the partner folder of the b2een instance. The current contents of the partner folder is displayed on the bottom half of this new "File Drop" panel.
  • The "File Drop" panel is designed to be left open so a "Refresh" helps checking when files are collected. Hitting escape will also close the panel.
  • If "File Drop" is enabled, the user can also multi-select files to attach to a message when creating it manually (so one step only vs. current situation where the user has to upload files one by one) Holding the mouse pointer over the ‘Target’ File Drop icon on the "Home" page shows a tooltip displaying the location of the partner folder.