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Always more user-friendly and flexible, b2een is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to exchange secure business documents.


What you can do with b2een...

Included in the latest release...

  • Easily exchange secure business messages (digitally signed and encrypted)
  • Search Communities & subscribe
  • Establish relationships with new Partners (search & invite or accept invitations)
  • Run b2een User Interface on your favorite browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari
  • Run b2een as a Windows service
  • In Browser File Drop (drag files from your desktop)
  • Multi select attachment files for manual message creation
  • Easy access to RSS feed URLs
  • Faster User Interface Experience
  • Encrypted database for message storage
  • Advanced Connectivity wizard
  • Remote Master Password recovery

How to proceed?

Shutdown b2een

If you have an earlier version of b2een, make sure you have it shut down.

Your b2een personal configuration will remain unchanged after upgrading to the latest version (passwords, subscribed Communities, Partners, messages...).

Download b2een

Download the latest version of b2een

Install b2een

Launch the installation and follow the instructions of the installation wizard (if you have an older version of b2een on your computer, it will be uninstalled and the latest one installed).

Start b2een

Start b2een as usual (double-click on the b2een icon or 'Start menu/b2een/b2een' if you are running b2een on a Windows PC)