b2een offers you the possibility to create your own business Community.


Become a b2een Community Leader and set up the Community that will match your needs:


Subscription process

  Define your Community-specific subscription form and subscription process. Subscription may be automated, requiring a validation or a payment…


Members visibility rules

Within a given Community, members may be allowed to exchange with one another or may just be allowed to exchange with a specific member (usually the "Community leader").


Allowed document types

The Community Leader defines the type and size of documents that Community members are allowed to exchange.


One Community may allow only ebXML documents (or even only ebXML Purchase Orders), whereas another Community would allow only PIDX documents with attachments.


Specific business rules

Specific business rules may be implemented at Community level.


In the "Chevron Suppliers Community", invoice documents are not processed if no field ticket attachment is found



b2een can handle transformations from one format to another.


Style sheets & forms

Style sheets for displaying documents or forms for creating documents can be set up per Community