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Alstom Community The "Alstom Community" allows Alstom to exchange business documents with their Suppliers. Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Order Confirmations, Scheduling Agreements, Scheduling Releases, Framework Orders, Invoices logo_alstom
b2een B2B Community The "b2een B2B Community" is open and free. Any b2een member may be part of it and use it to securely exchange business documents with other b2een members Any type
Chevron Community

The "Chevron Community" allows Chevron Suppliers, Internal Users and Capital Projects to use b2een to send Excel-formatted business documents to Chevron.

The solution handles the transformation of sent documents from Excel to PIDX (XML standard of the Oil & Gas industry) as well as validation.

This Community also implements additional Chevron specific requirements: for example, an invoice will not be processed if there is no supporting document attached.

In return, Members receive a Receipt Acknowledgement from Chevron.


Quote Requisitions,

Service Requisitions,

Invoice Requisitions


Receipt Acknowledgements

GE Oil & Gas Suppliers Community

Using the "GE Oil & Gas Community", Suppliers can easily send electronic invoices to GE Oil & Gas.

Suppliers send Excel formatted invoices; behind the scenes, Excel invoices are transformed to PIDX invoices and sent to GE Oil & Gas B2B gateway, using the RNIF protocol.

In return, Suppliers receive a Receipt Acknowledgement from GE Oil & Gas.

Invoices and

Receipt Acknowledgements

HMH Suppliers Community

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) is one of the leading educational publishers in the United States.

HMH uses the Ariba Supplier Network to exchange business documents with suppliers. Some of them are part of the Book Manufacturing industry and support XBITS business documents (XML Book Industry Transaction Standards).

Within the "HMH Suppliers Community", you can send and receive XBITS documents (POs, Invoices...): transformations from cXML (Ariba standard) to XBITS, or the other way round are handled seamlessly by the solution.

XBITS Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Delivery Messages, Invoices


OnGeT Community

The OnGeT (O&G e-Transaction) Community is the easiest way for companies doing business in the O&G industry to exchange electronic invoices.

Fulfill the Excel invoice template and attach it to your message: b2een will transform it into a PIDX invoice and deliver both documents (the original Excel invoice and the related PIDX invoice), plus any additional supporting document, to your customer.

PIDX Invoices