With b2een, you can exchange electronic documents with approved business partners within b2een Communities.

A b2een Community is a virtual business place gathering b2een members and implementing specific rules, features and processes


Each time you successfully subscribe to a Community, your b2een client is seamlessly upgraded with dedicated plug-ins in order to be able to implement Community-specific features, for example user interface add-ons to allow the display or edition of exchanged documents, or transformations to be performed either on incoming or outgoing documents,...


Once you are subscribed to a Community, you can search the Community members and invite those you want to establish a relationship with. After they have accepted your invitation, you can start exchanging messages. Sending or receiving messages always take place within a Community.

There is no limit to the number of Communities you can subscribe to.

There are different types of b2een Communities:

  • Some are private: subscription is restricted to invited members.
  • Some are open: any b2een member can subscribe.


The entry to some Communities is subject to a yearly subscription fee. You will be prompted to and will have to pay your subscription fee if you want to be part of such a Community.